Dynamic ETRM and ERP software for today's Energy challenges

Our innovative integrated energy systems offer companies cutting-edge ETRM and ERP software tailored to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas sector. With Trilogy, you can optimize trading strategies,

simplify operations, and manage risk, empowering you to stay ahead in today’s dynamic energy

challenges. Partnering with us grants you access to cutting-edge software solutions,

including trading and risk management tools.

Trusted by Energy Companies Worldwide

Support for front, middle and back office roles

Versatile solutions for Trading, Accounting, Operations, Scheduling, and Risk Management

TIES provides a comprehensive suite of A/P and A/R tools which allows Accountants to create a sub journal that can be transmitted to any General Ledger System.

Ensure that agreements between parties are accurately documented and agreed upon by confirming important details such as the quantity, price, and delivery.

TIES provides real-time monitoring and control of energy infrastructure, allowing operations teams to oversee processes and ensure safe and efficient operations.

TIES provides risk managers with tools to assess operational, market, and credit risks, enabling them to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.

TIES provides a complete Scheduling Module, whereby the user, as “Shipper” can submit Nominations and Record Confirmations from the Transporter.

TIES supports Deal Making & Trading, Real-Time Position Reporting,  and advanced Trade Blotter as well as a basic Risk Module including futures, swaps, options, MTM, P&L.

Global commodity support

Energy trade and transaction management for a wide range of commodities

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