New in TIES

Version 23.0.0

New Deal or Trade, Base Price Adders now exist.

A Deal or Trades base price, can now have two adders ($ or %) prior to calculating/considering contractual adjustments.

  • This allows for traders to modify the base price as part of the trade agreement vs. adding adjusted components to resolve the base price.
  • This is a big time saver for traders who would otherwise have to drill into other complex functionality to achieve pricing goals.

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New browser-based Trading app for Physical and Financial products

  • Not only has the TIES Trading functionality been given a technical upgrade, but it allows for more flexibility for the trader
  • Trades are now represented in grid format vs. freeform
  • Trades are presented, by the Desk(s) the trader is in
    • Desks allow for designating Traders and product. It also allows for, default counter parties, default locations and default pricing sources.
    • Trades have a designation that lets the trader know which trades are selected, which trade is the active/focused line, if the trade is new, secured or complex in nature.
  • Simple trades are quick to enter
  • Complex Trades can now be created that encompass both buy and sell activity across multiple months or allow for adding ad-hoc trades that are all related. An Umbrella or Parent trade is created to contain the basket of trades that are related.Example: Trader can create a trade defined as both buying and selling, across multiple months
    • The Trader can slice the buy and sell trades by month, in the event volumes or pricing change month to month
  • Trades can easily be
    • Copied (one or many)
    • Added (one or many)
    • Canceled (one or many)
      If a trade can be deleted it will be. This is NEW. Previously, Cancelling trades would simple zero out underlying transactions.
    • Reopened (if confirmed or processed through accounting)
    • Searched and Filtered
    • Additionally, a trade id override parameter can be use to find a trade quickly. This parameter overrides any other search parameters.
  • New or existing trade values can be copied from one trade to another or to many.Example: copy book from the 5th trade to the bottom of the trade grid.
  • Excel
    • Trade data in excel can be copied into the trading application1. For full trade details
      2. For partial trade details
      3. Onto existing trades or new
  • Traders have control over the original trade properties.
    • As the trader changes trade dates, quantities, pricing, etc., trade values are rectified onto related TIES Deal information.
  • A new Buy/Sell Deal Order screen has been created.
    • Allows for searching by Parent Trade (umbrella trade), individual trade, across trades, for example, by location or contract, or book, etc.
    • Allows for updating order values.
    • Allows for a daily volume action panel to update daily volume details.
  • Traders can navigate from Trades to the underlying buy or sell orders. They are directed to the Buy/Sell Orders screen.Example: Trader enters a 12 month trade
    • Trader can navigate to the underlying Deal monthly orders.When navigating to trade details, trader will also be able to see if underlying buy or sell orders have been broken out (scheduled) to differing locations.
    • This is important as scheduling breakout does not impact entered trade.
  • Better control over Trade Adjustments and Excess and Deficiency constraints
  • Additional characteristics of Financial trading.
    Confirmations are created based upon the Parent Trade.  This allows confirms to be based upon what the Trader intended/input originally vs. underlying orders that might change for accounting purposes.
  • Trades are created automatically for the following TIES based functions. This allows for buy(supply) and sell (market) type Deals to be viewed via the new Trading app but did not originate as a Trade.
    • Term Supply Planning will create trades
    • Marketing Greaseboard
    • Replicating TIES Deals will create new trades for new deals
    • For all other deals that are added outside of the Trade blotter, a new TIES Command has been created to create Trades if desired.

Scheduling Application

A New Move Order screen has been created.

  • Move Legs can be modified directly, e.g. Contract, Level of Service, Quantity per Day, nomination information
  • Move Legs can be copied
  • Allows for a daily volume action panel to update daily volume details