New in TIES

Version 21.0.0

Email Enhancements

A new email workflow and process was created for emails that creates more control over email content, logging and auditing, error handling, testing, approvals, and previews.

The email queue log and approval screen is available from the Email Queue management app in TIES.

Email Process

TIES improves on the previous email system with the following new capabilities:

  • Approve/Revoke emails – If a report or statement has been configured to need approval, then the approver can review and approvethe email and contents in advance of sending it out.
  • Test email output without sending emails to customers – A report or statement can be put in “Test Mode.” When in test mode,the full email process is available, but the recipient will be replaced with a test email account.
  • Customize the To, CC, Subject, or Body of an email to your requirements for each report/statement, if needed. Examples:
    • Ability to set one or more To, CC recipients. This can be set by a contact purpose code for a Business Associate or customizedin a rule.
    • Add an internal recipient address to the CC for an email type (e.g., Invoice) so that all external invoice emails are also copied toan internal email address.
  • Detailed logging of emails, settings, status, and attachments- available on a screen for review.
  • TIES Email replaces TIES.Notice for sending email for TIES

Security Enhancements

Queries were added to help with Audit reports:

  • Build Statistics – A new query for the Build Statistics is available. It is used to track the application release updates for application databases.
  • Database User Roles – A new query for Database User Roles is available. It is used to track date-sensitive information regarding whena database role was created, user logins were created or modified, and when the user was associated to a TIES role. Additionally, the query returns information if the user is set up in TIES, if the login is Dual Login, and what the related dual login ID is.
  • TIES System Connection Log – A new query to show a log of user connections to TIES is available.
  • TIES User Permissions – A new query to show TIES User Permissions is available. It returns audit information regarding what permissions a user has to TIES windows and objects.
  • TIES User Roles – A new query to return TIES User Roles is available. It returns audit information regarding when a user wasassociated to a role or if the role the user was associated to has changed.

Query Enhancements

  • Freeze Columns with Pin – Use the Pin icon in the header to freeze columns to the left. Click it again to unpin columns.
  • Color column background – better visualize and separate content.
  • Show Usage History – See when a query configuration was used, by who and by what process.
    Opened with the “Show Usage History” button on the Overview Screen.
    Show History opens a query to see the details.
    A Resource Usage query has been added under the Auditing category to see all usage history.

Changes to Queries

  • DRN has been added to Station parameters to help in locating stations by 3rd party reference number where it is different than the station number.
  • Volume Change Parameter on Buy Sell Dailies and Move Order Dailies allows you to identify where a volume has changed for any date in the range.
  • Queries and Commands that use a Station parameter now show DRN in addition to Facility, Station Number, and Station Name in the dropdown.
  • Many parameters that were displaying on multiple lines after being selected will now show a single line parameter value.