Brand Kit

Brand Kit

Clear space

It’s important to maintain proper spacing around the logo to avoid overcrowding. Also, the use of whitespace keeps the brand feeling clean.

Trilogy Energy Solutions Company Logo
Trilogy Energy Solutions Company Logo

color palette

The main color palette will cover the majority of your needs. It’s intentionally small in variety so as to not dilute the brand visuals, which adds confusion.

Navy blue

R 33     G 45     B 75
Pantone 533 C

Sky blue


R 73     G 200     B 255

Pantone 298 C

color palette

A secondary color can be featured with a primary color as an accent color. The primary color is still the dominant color but the secondary color is used in combination to draw attention.

Warm yellow


R 242     G 171     B 65

Pantone 1365 C

Deep blue


R 0     G 110     B 239

Pantone 285 C

Soft grey


R 189     G 201     B 219

Pantone 538 C

Light Blue


R 243     G 248    B 251

Pantone 656 C


Plus Jakarta Sans -
Extra Bold / 50px /
Plus Jakarta Sans -
Bold / 36px /
Plus Jakarta Sans -
Bold / 24px /
Plus Jakarta Sans -
Semi Bold / 20px /
Plus Jakarta Sans -
Regular / 16px /
Plus Jakarta Sans -
Regular / 16px /

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Body copy 1.


Typography is an important aspect of brand guidelines because it helps to create a consistent visual identity for a brand. The right typography can help to convey the brand’s tone and personality, as well as make the brand’s content easier to read and understand.

Body copy 2.


Consistent use of typography across all brand materials helps to create a recognizable and memorable brand image, making it easier for customers to identify and connect with the brand. Typography also helps to reinforce brand messaging by highlighting important information and creating a structured and organized layout. Overall, typography plays a crucial role in creating a strong and recognizable brand identity.